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  • Emir Abd El Kader University for Islamic Sciences headed by Prof. Said Derraji and the Research Centre in Social Anthropology and Culture in Oran under the chairmanship of Dr. Belkacem bin Znin have been concluded a cooperation and partnership agreement on September the 9th, 2016 corresponding to 09 Safar 1438 Hijri.
  • On February 11th , 2016 a coordinating meeting was held between Emir Abdelkader University For Islamic Sciences and the Directorate of Religious Affairs and Wakfs of the Wilaya of Constantine, headed by the Ph. Samir Djaballah, Vice-Rector in charge of the External relations and supervised by Dr. Said Derradji, rector of the university.
  • This meeting showed the importance of the collaboration between both parties to rise the level of religious and scientific speechs within the society.
  • On February 2nd, 2016 a five member delegation in charge of special students' affairs in the Sahrawi Ministry of Education has visited Emir Abd El Kader University for Islamic Sciences.
  • We inform the teachers/researchers who have sent their dissertations in order to participate in the international meeting about ”Ibn Khaldoun and the cultural communication between the Eastern and Western Arab", that the meeting is delayed for another time and will inform you about it in the near future.

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